Palletizing and depalletizing

We have automated palletizing and depalletizing solutions for different types of products and sectors. In this type of application we use robots and advanced systems to increase production, reduce waiting times and prevent occupational hazards. We design and manufacture customized applications according to the needs of each customer.

Sectors: Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and Metallurgical.

Automatic packaging

We offer automatic packaging solutions for different industrial sectors with the aim of optimising the processes of packaging, labelling and palletising products, reducing costs and increasing quality and safety for our clients. We have a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the design, development and installation of automatic packaging systems.

Sectors: Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical.

Artificial vision

Artificial intelligence techniques are used to process images and extract useful information. Some of its applications are facial recognition, object detection, image classification, video analysis and augmented reality. We have a team of experts in artificial vision and we have the necessary tools and resources to develop innovative and efficient projects.

Sectors: Food and Pharmaceutical.

Collaborative robotics

Collaborative robotics is a form of industrial automation that allows robots and humans to work together in the same space, safely and efficiently, offering certain benefits such as increased productivity, quality and process flexibility, reduced costs and occupational risks, and improved worker satisfaction and motivation.

Collaborative automatic palletising

We offer an industrial automation solution that optimises the process of palletising boxes and products. Collaborative automatic palletising consists of the use of collaborative robots or cobots, which can work alongside human operators without the need for safety barriers. Its benefits include cost reduction, improved productivity, flexibility and ergonomics.

Sectors: Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and Metallurgical.

Wrapping and strapping

Bundling and strapping are two processes used to bundle and secure products or materials, especially for transport or storage. Both processes can be carried out manually or automatically, depending on the volume and complexity of the operation. We offer customised stretch wrapping and strapping solutions, with high quality and efficient equipment.

Digital twin

By using a digital twin for our customers we obtain a virtual representation of a real object, process or system that allows us to simulate its behaviour and optimise its performance. Digital twins are used to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of products and services.

Tailor-made Projects

We provide customised software, hardware and electronics solutions for different sectors. Our team of professionals has experience in the development of innovative and quality projects, adapted to the needs and objectives of each client.

Turnkey automation solutions

We automate all the phases that form part of your production line. We specialise in providing solutions that improve your production process. Tell us what you are thinking of automating.
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