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We have specialised in tailor-made projects of industrial automation

Geniotic Solutions is an engineering company capable of finding the best solution to any automation need.

Each case will be considered, carrying out customised turnkey projects for multiple applications and industrial sectors.

All our equipment starts from a design phase supported by a technical development. This allows us to plan and control all the execution phases of each project, from mechanical to electrical and pneumatic parts.

Stages of the development of our tailor-made projects

A visit will be made to the customer’s facilities in order to gather data on automation requirements and needs to analyse a solution, as well as to prepare a project quotation detailing actions to be carried out.

Once the scope of the project has been determined, the technical department, made up of mechanical and electrical designers, is responsible for developing a solution and translating it into reality using specific 3D programmes that provide a reliable model and serve as the basis for drawing up the technical documentation for the equipment.

The electrical designer will be responsible for the dimensioning of the complete electrical installation and PLC programming.

Once the 3D design has been validated and all the technical documentation has been prepared, we will then start to manage the ordering of raw materials and components, organising the assembly of the equipment at our facilities to verify its operation. We will carry out validation tests along with the customer.

Once the project will be validated, we will organise the transport of the equipment to the customer’s premises.

Our team will carry out the on-site installation and make the necessary connections to put the equipment into operation.

Once the project has been fully completed, all the necessary technical documentation will be provided in accordance with current regulations (including lists of commercial spare parts, plus electrical and pneumatic drawings).

Turnkey automation solutions

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