Collaborative automatic palletising

Module of automatic palletising based on GS10 collaborative robots

We have developed a standard palletising module integrating collaborative robotics and equipped with various components designed in such a way as to make the application highly versatile.

In this way, an automatic safe palletising system up will be installed, running in record time. This, together with an affordable investment, makes that solution suitable for any company.

What is the GS10 collaborative palletising module characterised by?

The collaborative palletising module consists of the following:

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1. 6-axis collaborative robot

These robots have advanced safety features that allow them to work safely alongside people.

They are applicable to any sector and have load capacities of up to 20 kilos.

Our palletising system can be used with the most recognisable brands:

2. Tailor-made collaborative claw

We design and select the best option for each application, depending on the product to be handled (regarding geometry, dimensions…) forming lightweight grippers that positively influence the load capacity of collaborative robots, being driven by vacuum systems or pneumatically applying pressure.

In addition, consideration is always given to a design based on a collaborative solution in order to ensure safety and minimise possible risks to operators by using padded outer guards and designs with smoothed edges and rounded edges.

3. Self-supporting bench

The main frame has been designed in such a way that all the components and accessories necessary for its operation have been implemented on it, achieving a compact and versatile solution.


4. Motorised lifting column

The range of such robots is limited based on the size of the equipment itself. Therefore, whenever necessary, it is possible to implement a motorised lifting column, which allows the height of the reach to be extended, enabling thus the palletising of boxes at greater heights.

5. Modular and customised solution

We have modular components that allow them to be placed on the palletising module in one place or another, adapting to the space available in each project.


Modular belt or roller conveyors designed in a safe way. Thus, there is a correct accumulation and separation of the product, avoiding any possible damage due to residual pressures.

Cardboard warehouse

Sometimes it is necessary to palletise by applying cardboard separators between layers of product in order to ensure load stability.

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