Collaborative robotics

At Geniotic Solutions, we are committed to the development of collaborative robotics.

In order to be at the forefront of technology, we are committed to the implementation of collaborative robotics.

Collaborative robotics signifies a new era in the automation sector as they represent a great alternative to the traditionally known industrial robots.

Main advantages of this type of collaborative robots

Geniotic Solutions has developed an intuitive interface by integrating PLC and HMI into the robot controller itself, making it easy for operators to learn.

Compact equipment transportable by forklift and quickly adaptable to different lines.

Their advanced safety features allow them to work safely alongside people without need to use separation elements.

Fast return on investment.

We design each piece of equipment to suit the needs of our clients.

Among the solutions we develop and implement for our clients are the following.

1. Module of collaborative palletising/ depalletising

Palletising and depalletising solution based on collaborative robots.

They are ideal for working in isolated areas and confined spaces, due to their compact design and their ability to dispense with safety fences and secondary elements.

It is applicable to both boxes and other formats that can be palletised, implementing both vacuum grippers and pressure tools (custom-made for each project).

In order to ensure safety and to allow working together with the operator, the entire application has been developed in a safe way using secondary safety elements.

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2. Module of box-forming

This solution automates the repetitive and unergonomic task of forming boxes.

The cobot picks up boxes from a cargo warehouse using a vacuum gripper designed to unfold the cardboard box and pull it through the forming structure of the module.

It has a sealing head at the bottom of the exit allowing the boxes to be closed at the end of the forming process.

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