Palletising and depalletising

Why does your company need automised palletising?

At the end of each production line, the packages of every product are placed in boxes or trays.

At this point, the need to automate the palletising process arises in order to increase production, reduce waiting times and prevent occupational hazards.

We have specialised in palletising solutions

Geniotic Solutions designs and manufactures customised palletising systems.

Using multiple configurations, we provide a solution to the most demanded automation in the market, being able to accurately palletise any type of product according to pre-established mosaics.

High and low production installations or palletising of several lines using the same robot.

Palletising cell

This is an automatic palletising cell that we have designed and assembled for one of our customers.

It is a compact and flexible palletising solution with automatic pallet exit for palletising shrink-wrapped packages.

Depending on the tool, it can also be used to palletise any other type of secondary packaging.

Discover some of our palletising applications

1. Palletising of jerrycans

We offer all possible configuration options in order to achieve your best location and product flow within your factory.

This type of work is made possible via the versatile design of the handling claw.

2. Palletising of boxes

We offer solutions with single or multiple product infeed and single or multiple outfeed, either via pallets directly on the floor or motorised outfeed conveyors.

This is the most trending application on the market.

3. Collaborative palletising

They are ideal for working in isolated areas and confined spaces due to their compact design and their ability to dispense with safety fencing and secondary elements.

It is applicable to boxes and other formats that can be palletised, implementing both vacuum grippers and pressure tools designed to measure for each project.

In order to ensure safety and to allow working together with the operator, the entire application has been developed in a safe way via secondary safety elements.

You can learn more by clicking here.

4. Palletising of sacks

The robotic sack cell includes a comb claw type.

Added to proper positioning on the pallet, the correct palletisation of bags and sacks also requires the prior conditioning of the packaging in order to distribute the inner product evenly and in a controlled manner.

How can automatic depalletising help your company?

The depalletising process consists of removing the material from a pallet and inserting it into the production lines.

What are the advantages of using a depalletising robot?

They adapt to the customer’s depalletisation requirements.

A programmable robot is capable of depalletising a wide variety of crate sizes and carton dividers using a single tool. If required, an automatic claw change can be added in order to extend its functionality.

The robots that we integrate in Geniotic Solutions are always top brands whose reliability is superior to others because they are mass-produced and globally tested machines.

They reduce labour on repetitive work that does not add value to the final product.

Large and tall pallets will be unpacked without any physical problems that could occur to an operator, improving thus safety and occupational health.

Turnkey automation solutions

We automate all the phases that form part of your production line. We have specialised in providing solutions to improve your production process. Tell us what you are planning to automate.

Send us your needs and we will study the best alternative.

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