Wrapping and strapping

Why does your company need wrapping and strapping?

Pallet wrapping and strapping is the last process found at the line endings.

Pallet stretch wrappers are machines that allow pallets with loads of any weight and size to be wrapped with stretch film, thus guaranteeing correct protection and securing of the palletised product for its subsequent transport to the final destination or storage in the warehouse.

Automate the wrapping and strapping of your production process

At Geniotic Solutions we study and integrate the most optimal equipment for each case in our end-of-line systems.

Our automation solutions range from simple turntable stretch wrappers for low throughputs to rotary ring stretch wrappers, being capable of high speeds.

Turnkey automation solutions

We automate all the phases that form part of your production line.
We have specialised in providing solutions to improve your production process.
Tell us what you are planning to automate.
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