Automatic packaging

Why does your company need automatic packaging?

When we talk about automatic packaging, we focus on the grouping of products and their subsequent introduction into boxes or trays.

Our solutions enable the automatic packaging of food, beverages and consumer goods.

Fitting solutions in which we specialise

Our company develop flexible packing cells using anthropomorphic robots, integrating automatic case erecting type B1 (American) according to each customer’s production needs.

We integrate both anthropomorphic robots and Delta robots for the casepacking of all kinds of products, using or not artificial vision when product identification would be necessary.

We design and manufacture customised robotic claws depending on the product to be fitted or manipulated.

Turnkey automation solutions

We automate all the phases that form part of your production line.
We have specialised in providing solutions to improve your production process.
Tell us what you are planning to automate.
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